Speaking of the Zune

I am usually not all that impressed by iLounge and find their reviews to be ill balanced and their reporting style really forced. It always feels like they are struggling so hard to be 'impartial' and that bothers me, even well respected magazines and publications approach their writing with more of a personal, approachable touch than iLounge. iLounge is just do dry for me I guess. OK, OK sorry, no more wining here... so all that aside, they wrote up an article documenting the Zune's rise to lacklusterness (yes i know thats not really a word) that I thought was well written and debunks nearly everything Microsoft has woven into the marketing and development of their player. Great read for a nice overall look into the short history of the player over the past few months. Heres a link.

UPDATE: You simply must check out this video of a bit of a newscast from CNN talking about the new Zune on its launch day. Classic. Link

UPDATE 2: More on the news coverage on iLounge. (Im not sure why but this whole zune thing is just so funny to me)