New projects coming

OK OK, I know I have been talking about a couple of new projects for a long long time now but I think I have just settled on a way to bring these to life. I am still a ways off from bringing these to life but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For those of you who may not know one idea is a new desktop site which will feature a handful of photographers from around the world all posting to one blog which I think will create a really solid desktop site to share with the world. All I need for this is to find a few photographers to help me get started in the process and get some initial content going and I will be approaching a few people that I have seen online and find to have a somewhat like minded approach to photography. I hope for the site to include stories from time to time and feature some great photography and hopefully grow to be something really unique over time. Part of me is considering letting it become multi-lingual and inviting people to post in their native language if they would prefer. Do you think that would make things overly confusing? Don't want to get in to far over my head with it...

The other project will be a podcast stripped down to its bear essentials and will probably take a little more work pulling together. For this I would also like to gather a small group of posters from various point in the world that have the capability to record high quality field recordings of various places in their life. Some could be of places in nature, some different places in more urban areas, some maybe just a recording from a party. Anything from the recorders every day life. The goal would be to have the recordings be from 15-30 minutes in length and not have any commentary during the recordings other than perhaps an opening tag line or something. This idea is not as well thought out as the desktop page but its been running around in my head for quite some time now as well and I think If i were to get the right people involved that it could be something really interesting.

So I am posting this to get any ideas that any of you readers may have for these projects or even any help any of you think you may be able to give in getting these going. So feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think and I will go from there. Thanks!