neither here nor there

Last month this site managed to pull in 20,000 visits some how. I wanted to say thanks to all of you who have stuck around through this period of less activity around here. I find that I have many nice looking photos that I would love to get posted as desktops but I never seem to be near my photo drive when I am posting something here. Maybe tonight I will try and get a couple of new ones going for everyone. Anyone at all out there curious about what my plans are this year? Yes? No? Wait, you over there in the corner, what was that? You could care less? hmmm.. Well I will fill you in anyway. Im working off debt on my credit card that I found while on that trip out west adn then I will imediatly start saving for a trip to europe. Yep, you heard it here first. I'm going to Europe in a few months. Nothing to specific planned yet, just putting the information out there and you can do what you will with it.

As always, in the back of my mind I have full intentions of getting some more prints for sale on the site here and as always I am looking to get my new desktop site project underway in the future. I think I may have the money to spare to get it up and running sometime shortly but I cant promise anything! I just know that when it does manage to poke its head out into the light of the day that its going to be a lot of fun for anyone that loves photography and the world around you.

Sometimes I wish this blog was more personal so I could rant on and on about my life but I dont feel that its the place to do that. Gotta keep this thing pretty straightforward because you never know who is looking over your shoulder with these things. In other news, I do have some music for a podcast and maybe sometime soon I will put another one out. It seems like it has been forever has it not? Well, im off to start a new hi-fi post. Stay happy readers, your future depends on it! ta.