Movies and such

I never seem to talk about movies much here so I thought I would chime in here and point out a few movies I am looking forward to...

I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan's films which had me hooked after Memento, Following, Insomnia and Batman Returns. His newest film is looks like one of those movies that remind you that there is plenty of original ideas left out there to make into a film. The Prestige

Michel Gondry has got to be one of my very favorite directors, his creativity in both writing and film making is unbelievable so I was xcited to hear of a new film of his... The Science of Sleep

I love Zach braff and the character he plays on the TV show Scrubs, after seeing this trailer I knew it was a movie I wanted to see but I'm not really sure why. Was it the cast? Writing? or maybe just the slick design of the page that the trailer is on... The Last Kiss

I am not really the biggest fan of martial arts films but this one has gotten my interest, it just looks like an amazing film... Jet Li’s Fearless

Ever since Steve Carells role in Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and The TV series, The Office I just cant seem to get enough of the guy and his role in this movie looks like a strange match that I don't want to miss... Little Miss Sunshine

I love these movies, I know that the writing is not at all perfect but the acting, directing, and the world that was created for these movies really drew me in. Take a look at the sets feature on this link, its hard to believe what they went through in the filming of this movie... Pirates of the Caribbean 2