In Rotation #1

I realize that my music reviews have all but dropped to zero in the past couple of moths and as I think I have mentioned before that is because I simply don't have the time to make the site as huge and mega as I wanted it to be when I expanded it a year ago. So as a compromise I have decided to start up a weekly feature on the music I have been listening to that week. Sometimes it will be something new and I may write specifics about it and sometimes it will be a simple list of albums that I have had on a lot in the past week. Either way it should be a good way to explore some new music for those of you who are as hooked on the never ending quest to find all of the best music out there today and then proceed to listen to your favorite bits until each chord and tweak of a sound is embedded into your mind. Or who knows, it may spark conversations in the comments. We will just have to see how it goes to find that out now wont we. So without further introductory ranting I bring to you what music has been in heavy rotation in my ears in the past week.



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