twistedsun hi-fi #8

I am taking a different approach to this hi-fi. It has been simmering on a low heat for a while now and been reduced to a select amount of top notch songs for your discovery. A mix tape in its essence but more an overall look at what music has been playing in my life recently. I will talk a little about tracks that have really been my favorites below the main list here.

1. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home
2. Panda Bear - Comfy in Nautica
3. Battles - Atlas
4. Tycho - Dictaphone's Lament
5. Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink
6. Benoit Pioulard - Together and Down
7. Gordon Lightfoot - Beautiful
8. Michael Glasso - Ankor Wat Theme I
9. Battles - Leyendecker
10. Julie Doiron - Don't Wannabe / Liked By You
11. John Frusciante - Forever Away
12. Nat King Cole - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
13. Marumari - Casino vs. Japan (remix)
14. Machinedrum - 911
15. Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These? Autechre Remix
16. Tim Koch - disantamount

There is a lot of good music on that list. Starting off with a new song by the Cinematic Orchestra which is a total departure from their earlier work but I think its a great song all the same, very quiet and peaceful like a perfect sunrise or something of the sort. The Panda Bear song is a crazy droning song that seems to stick in my head any time I hear it and reminds people of the beach boys when i play it for them. Because of the melodies I think. The two songs by Battles are amazing and are from their upcoming album. The song Atlas is just amazing and I can not stop listening to this one right now. The Tycho track is a beautiful melodic journey similar to Boards of Canada in its subtle down-tempo existence that I find really brilliant. Amon Tobins new album, Foley room is a really moody album that I felt could have been better than it was but it does sound pretty amazing when heard through a nice set of headphones or speakers. The Gordon Lightfoot song and the John Frusciante song are from a soundtrack to a film by Vincent Gallo that I have heard pretty strange things about but the music is just amazing on the sountrack, really lo-fi acoustic songs as well as some great jazz cuts thrown in. I feel lucky to have a copy of this as it was only released in japan and goes for 30 or so bucks online. Speaking of soundtracks, the song from Nat King Cole and the one from Michael Glasso are on the soundtrack from the movie In the Mood For Love which was a really beautifully shot film that I hear was shot without much of a script at all. Julie Doiron has a strange voice that some people compare to Cat Power which I find totally ridiculous, I find that I like her songwriting. The Casino vs. Japan remix is a pretty typical Casino vs track but I really enjoy it all the same and wanted to include it because i keep playing that song from the Marumari remix album it is on. The Machinedrum song is from his upcoming album and I found it as a download online somewhere or another on one of his sites. Its a great track, really subtle hip-hop vibe as he does so very well, cant wait to get my hands on that full length. Then there is the Surgeon song that Autechre remixed which is a really straightforward dance track but there is something about it that I really like, not sure what it is though. Maybe its just the Autechre aesthetic over a dance song like this that I like. Last but not least is a song from a Tim Koch album that I really enjoy, its a great record that seems to go pretty un noticed in the places I read about or hear about recent electronic music releases.

So that was a bunch of type all squished together and maybe that was not really the best way to do it but I wanted to try and do something different all the same. I will make links out of all the songs to where you can hear them or buy them. Some are itunes links some are links and one i think is an amazon link... (ppsst... email me and convince me well enough and i might send the mix to you but you would have to promise me you would buy anything you really like from it if you can to support t he music)