twistedsun hi-fi #7

It has been way to long (2 months!) since I have posted a music post so here we are with another episode in the endless search to find the worlds best music. The past couple of months have brought a LOT of really really great music so I will do my best to concentrate on the best of the best. Right, so lets get on with the mini reviews of my favorite recent albums...

Menomena - Friend and Foe

For some reason when I first heard this album I didn't think to much of it. I have no idea how this happened because at this point I have listened to it a number of times and I can not get enough of it. The more I listen to it the more I find hiding inside the amazing compositions they have crafted with this release and I have found myself enjoying this even more than their first album which was hard to beat as much as I loved it back when it came out a couple years ago. I remember finding them on iTunes of all places and was impressed that it was on their as a self release which you don't see much on iTunes. Anyways, long story short I fell in love with the music and bought both the cd version and the amazing vinyl version as well.

The music is indie rock and is by far much more interesting than most indie rock records coming out these days. Have you heard the new Shins? Eesh, what a disappointment... anyway, If you enjoy music then you owe it to yourself to at least give this great album a listen and if you do end up buying it I would suggest picking up a copy of the album with the physical cd artwork which is really wonderful and puts a really creative use to die cuts in the printing and illustration.

Menomena website:


PostPrior - Touched Pilot - EP

Here we have a really fascinating release by a duo composed of electronic musician Midwest Product and the drummer/singer  Michael Kuzmanovski. I think these two have created a masterpiece of modern music, at least in my humble opinion. I can not really put my finger on what draws me into their music but there is some sort of brilliance within it that is hard to describe. It is seemingly simple on the surface with its synths drums and vocals but it is wonderfully produced with a really tight sound that has a lot of subtle details within its production that I love. It is like IDM Pop music or something like that. a Genera that I'm sure has some sort of other name but thats what I call it and it seems to be Ghostly International's favorite new thing to release which I welcome with open arms. This release is PostPrior's first EP and is a digital only release and I can not wait until a full length...

Ghostly International:


Lullatone - Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous

I wrote about this once before while I was on my trip at the end of one of my posts, it is an album full of what I can best describe as lullabies. Gentle music for calm moments in life. I have found that this is the best music ever to wake up to on a morning when you know you have nothing to do that morning/ day. Lullatone's past albums were all instrumental from what I can remember and were simple sine synth creations that I loved to listen to when I wanted to relax. This release introduces vocals and some drums to the mix but in a way that perfectly matches the music. If you need something to relax and smile to then look no further, this is the album for you.

Lullatone website:


Marie Antoinette - soundtrack

I still have not seen this movie for whatever reason but I think it is released on DVD soon so I will finally have the chance. I picked up this on vinyl because the track list seemed good and Sofia Capolla's movies have all had great OST's in the past so I took a chance and was very happy that I did. The soundtrack flows between orchestra's and 80's style pop/rock music as though it were meant to be and there is a nice split between two halves of this release. One disc has more upbeat lively songs and the second half is much more calm and subdued. All in all it is a great mix to listen to and was a familiar companion on my trip recently because of the variety it offered.

iTunes Link


Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet

I believe I have talked about Tim Hecker before here on this site but it has been a long long time. His releases span from calm ambient music to more noise based ambient and I prefer when there is less of the guitar noise simply because I feel that I have heard that plenty of times before and there is not a whole lot you can do with it to make it any more interesting to me. So this release calls forward a wonderful mix between his more synth based swirling ambient pieces and his slightly noisier ones. I find that he strikes a perfect medium between his styles with this release. Check out the song Chimeras, it is one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I have heard in a long time.

Tim Hecker Website:


The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely

I have a love hate thing going on with this guys music. He sings of love and life and in a very simple broken down way that sometimes works beautifully but other times gets my eyes rolling if you know what I mean. His past releases have all held a few songs that I enjoyed so some extent but only a handful ever really struck me as something outstanding. That is until this album fell into my lap. I somehow came across the song Woke Up New from this album and was immediately taken by the way it was written and performed in such a simple way yet it is such a powerful song. The song is about leaving someone or something and there have been many many songs about this before but there is something about this song that makes the emotions involved in leaving something so simple that you cant help but relate to them. I went and picked up the cd at a local shop just before I left on my trip and it ended up being one of the more regular players on my ipod while I was traveling. This whole album is full of amazing simple acoustic songs that barely get above a whisper half the time but they somehow manage to get under my skin. Really great song writing can be found with this release and I hope that his future efforts follow suit.

Mountain Goats Website:


Mum - Finally We Are No One

This is not a new release but I only recently discovered this artist so its new to me. Múm is mostly electronic music only with vocals and simple yet rich melodies that I have really been enjoying. You can find little hints of all sorts of influences in their music but they have certainly formed a sound of their own.

Múm Website:


Ghostly International - New Faces - EP

This is another Ghostly International digital only release. Part of a while series of EP's actually. This is the second release in the series that has been a compilation of various artists. The EP starts off with a brilliant song by a guy that goes by the name JSDY and this song sucks me in every time I hear it. He has that same IDM-Pop feel of PostProir but with a sound of his own. I can not wait to hear more from this guy, whoever he is. Up next is a track by Wisp which, if it is in fact the same artist, usually releases more breakcore/drum-n-bass stuff. This track, however, is nothing like other music I have heard from this artist and in my opinion seems much more solid and well developed than his other work. Its a great track and I hope to hear more music like this from him in the future. The Reflecting Skin is another artist that I don't really know to much about but this song has a steady rhythm that builds very nicely through the track, gotta love that hi-hat. The next track is by Manhunter and its ok but I find myself passing over it for some reason, it just does not fir with the other tracks on here all to well and its a solid enough song but I'm not usually in the mood to sit through it. Last but certainly not least is a track by Benoit Pioulard which I had not heard until now but after hearing this song I went and picked up his full length release which was released on Kranky last year I believe. It is really wonderful, lo-fi, electro-acoustic singer songwriter blend. Tasty.

Ghostly International:


Tara Jane O'Neil - To Trace a Raveling

This Vinyl only release combines two EP's, Tracer and A Raveling. I picked this up at a show a couple months ago. A couple songs from that show are on one of my podcasts if you are interested. I got home not knowing at all what to expect from it because I had never heard her music before other than her live show and the music that pored from my record was hypnotic and beautiful. It has become one of my most played vinyl records. I know that she is selling these on her website if you are interested. If you like quiet female singer songwriters with a nice warm lo-fi feel then you will not be disappointed.

Tara Jane O'Neil website:


Drumcorps - Grist

And now for something completely different. This one reaches way back to my younger days and brings back memories of when I was listening to mostly heavy rock music/ hardcore/ metal, whatever you want to call it, just as long as it was loud and distorted I was listening with the volume all to loud and my head nodding this way and that. I think the electronic genera called breakcore which has been pioneered by artists such as Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, and The Flashbulb filled that hole in my music listening and took it to a newer more exiting level because it went beyond what you could do with a traditional band and took sound and break beats and chopped them into songs flowing at breakneck speeds. Drumcorps is the first electronic musician that I have heard successfully bridge the gap between hardcore and breakcore. This music is metal in its core but holds all the characteristics of breakcore with its tight editing and rapidfire progression. Anyone that is a fan of metal and is looking to try something new look no further, this guy just invented a new genera for you...

Drumcorps website:


So thats that, these are the newer albums that have been running themselves to death in my players for the past couple of months. I have also decided to post a list of the most listened to songs of my trip out west for some reason. I narrowed it down to about 60 tracks all of which hold different memories of different moments on my trip and all are really great songs that you should check out. It is in pdf format and was simply made with iTunes and you can get it by clicking HERE.

till next time, support the musicians, buy music from them, and keep on listening.