twistedsun hi-fi #3

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Letting Go

Bonnie 'prince' billy is one of those musicians that is hit or miss for me. There are a number of his many many albums that I do enjoy and those tend to lean towards the minimal guy and his guitar singing out on his porch with a mic sitting near by material. With his newest release "The Letting Go" he has released a gem of an album. (hows that for reviewer slang, gem. eesh) Full of slow whispering songs it has sucked me in and made it to my weekly list here.

Corrina Repp - The Absent and the Distant

I have been Listening to Corrina Repp for what seems like quite a few years now. Her releases on Hush records have been nothing but an inspiration in my life. She takes a super minimal approach to the singer song writer genera and plays songs that feel oh so fragile but shine through with their strong lyrical backing. She has written some of my favorite music in the past few years and so I am really excited to have a copy of her newest release "The Absent and the Distant" which was released on Mark Kozelek's newish record label, Caldo Verde. With this release she has stepped out of her bounds slightly and introduced a somewhat fuller sound by her standards with drums and layers of other instruments. All in all another beautiful release that I can not recommend highly enough.

Audion+Ellen Allien - Just a Man/ Just a Woman

My dance album pick of the week is this EP from Audion and Ellen Allien on Ghostly's 'other' label Spectral. Together for a classic split EP one song each and one remix each. At least thats what I can gather from what I know. If you are looking for some nice subtle dance tracks that are almost more calming then energizing then check this release out. It would be great for a late night dance party or for times when you may need something steady but not in your face.

Susumu Yokota - Sakura

One more this week, I had some others pulled to feature but decided to stick to just a few this time around. I stumbled across this on emusic I believe and I have no idea why I have not heard Susumu Yokota before now. This is a brilliant album full of warm ambient songs and the occasional subtle beat thrown in.