Ball Droppings


I stumbled across this amazing little application today that is a toy of a sort. its a really simple concept but when you sit down with it and start playing around it gets more and more addictive. im sure this is old news to some but its new to me. the idea behind the app is there is a point on the screen at which little balls drop out and what you do to interact with them is draw lines one the screen to give the balls something to bounce on. not only this but whenever a ball strikes a line it triggers a note to be played so as you develop your bouncing ball structure you can hear melodies come out of the bouncing. its easy to let it get out of hand and sound like a big mess but if you set a structure up right you can get some pretty cool sounding compositions! i believe it was developed a couple years back by the artist josh nimoy using max msp.

you can find this free application here for both windows and macintosh so head over and grab it for a bit of a distraction in your everyday routine.