Thanks for the link Mr. ?

I recently found this Japanese site linking to mine and I found this text surrounding the link:


Thanks to the miracle of modern translation pages this is all I know about the post:

Is open with the sight here which photograph which the highest! So, favorite sight. The feeling which is also the warmth in the picture which cutch Lee is done respectively has mind taste. You saw at the decker paragraph
fine arts museum to be, feeling. When taking the photograph, one this way of the sight which has been made model it is. The Sawayama seeing to do, because also download is possible, please in the background of the personal computer.

So this little writing about my desktops seems really nice at least!

I am sure there is a better translation to be heard so is there anyone out there who speaks/ reads Japanese that may be able to shed some more light on this mysterious link to my site? It's a language I would love to learn but I'm a long way off from that so in the mean time any help beyond what I have here would be greatly appreciated!