battle of the pocket

it all started with my first ipod. ill admit it was a little bulky but it did fit in my pocket. i found out just how nice it was to have a device like this on the go, ready to pull out at any moment to pass some time, share some music, or to show it off to friends. (something owners of some sort of fun new gadget might not normally admit) this started what could be a never ending war for pocket real estate. one that is fought every morning when i decide which gadgets will get the luxury of spending the day hanging out in my pocket.

the most recent addition to the pocket family is my new gameboy micro. a very very nice little gadget that is nice for passing a few minutes here and there. as i mentioned a post or two back i do love a good game here and there. the game boy is, to me, the last platform that is still surviving that houses some really great traditional style games that are just so fun. it also lends to some nice newer style games as well. in other words, nothing to fancy. just good gaming fun. the micro itself is a very cool toy, and unlike many reviews i have seen, is built pretty solidly. the psp is to bulky to be truly portable (pocket size) and its cute and all with its multimedia functions but it just does not seem worth 250 dollars to me. this and these new generation games are just sooooo expensive. but anyways, didnt post to write about that.

it just seems so interesting how there are all of these various gadgets being released that are all fighting to take that place in your pocket. things such as the ipod shuffle and palms with belt packs and the such seem to try and give a way to carry your toys without having to clutter up that space. so lets get down to it, what does john of have in his pockets right now? well in the left front pocket ive got my nano (its just soooo tiny!) and my new micro which feels good in my pocket. i easily forget i have anything in that pocket! in my right pocket i have a little leatherman pocket knife/ pliers (the mini kind), an extra game or two, loose change and some headphones. i have a slim little wallet in my back pocket and thats it! my cell phone kind of floats around where i am and sometimes gets thrown in my back pocket or just on a desk wherever i might be which has lead to it getting lost here and there but its nothing fancy so im not to controlling of it.

so now ive shared, lets hear what you readers have tucked away in your pockets, the comments must be good for something right?

ill post a photo here tomorrow if i remember to with my little collection of stuff.