videos and such


so i grabbed a couple videos from the itunes music(video) store to see what all the fuss is about and it was pretty cool all in all. i can see the idea of being able to buy tv shows a wonderful and amazing approach to selling video online. i would love to be able to download my favorite episodes of shows because i dont really watch to much tv and the couple shows that i would give the time of day would be nice to access like this.

the only issue that could arise from this is the quality of the video. as many of you may have heard the resolution is intended to look really good on the new ipod. not playing full screen on 20 inch computer monitor. i will admit that although the video is a bit grainy/ blocky, especially in the darker areas of the video. but i think that these are not intended to be high resolution video downloads now are they? if i want a fancy copy of a tv show ill look for the dvd version. i really like the ability to have video media on my computer without having to carry around a bunch of dvds. i have a few dvds that i have converted into a quicktime format so i can watch them on the go. its pretty nice really. sometimes its nice to watch something in pristine quality and that has its time and place but on the go and being out and about its not really as much of a priority.

so i would recommend you head over and check it out. its worth a couple bucks for some of the pixar shorts and your favorite music videos. i cant wait to see how the tv side pans out. hopefully other networks will follow suit. personally im pulling for fox so i can get arrested development and family guy and simpsons, nbc for the new office which is growing on me, and cartoon network for adult swim. it certainly has a lot of potential but its too early in the game to make any accurate judgement on how well its all going to work out in the end. only time will tell.