Menomena 'The Fun Blame Monster'


This is by far one of my favorite albums of the past year. It has a hard to describe indie rock thing going on. They seem to like to experiment with composition a lot which adds a really unique feel to each song. They seem to have this really simple approach to crafting their music that leaves there songs stuck in my head for quite a while. There creativity in music is also matched by there amazing packaging for there albums. You cant help but be amazed at the ideas they have come up with for there packaging. The CD version of the album is a flip book featuring four different panels of motion as you flip through to the last page where the CD is held. The vinyl version is by far the most creative packaging for any record that i have ever seen. The record opens into a giant mouth and in that mouth you will find the record. There are a couple of photos below of the record opening because its hard to describe. Not only is is cool but they hand made all five hundred copies that are out there. They had made the flip book by hand at first but they are now bound by a book press somewhere in the northwest.

So head over to iTunes and check these guys out. I have seen them live twice now and bought this album three different times because of their ongoing creativity in there packaging.

Heres the iTunes link:




p.s. - try and make sense of the web page for the band. its crazy!