Say I Am You

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I found this while looking through a few imixes on the itunes store. There was a couple of the songs from this album that really stood out in my mind and when I heard the whole album I found so much more to it. This is a beautifully written record with melodies and singing that would best fit into the folk genera but it has a nice indie rock feel that smoothes it out. There is both a male and a female singer (Deb Talan, and Steve Tannen) in this duo and they trade off from song to song both lending their voice to the overall feel of the music which all falls together almost effortlessly.

The Weepies seem to take a simple approach to recording which I think helps give the song writing the attention it deserves. This album has some really obvious stand outs in my mind. The great opener to this album, 'Take it From Me' starts everything off leaning more towards the indie rock side of things but it has a beautiful pop melody and layered vocals that accent points in the song and thicken the overall mix. The album rolls right on into one of my favorite tracks of the album, the brilliant folk kissed story that is 'Gotta Have You.' This song gets stuck in my head and seems to hang on there all day long. It's lyrics speak of life and love and although this might sound a bit mushy for some I can safely say it is one of my favorite tracks to surface in the sea that is the music scene today. The album does not let up there though and falls right onto the third track of the album where Steve settles into the scheme of things and sings a beautiful ballad of time and its grip on all of us. It's another recent favorite and really shows the groups ability to write a damn fine song.

The album spins on and holds a number of stand out tracks that all hold on their own among the album as a whole. I could go into detail about every track on here but I dont want to drone on, I think that the music will easily speak for itself. I do wan't to point out one other of my favorites though which is the amazing song that speaks of a finding hope within being alone in life at times.

So for fans of indie modern folk of any kind or those of you who aren't afraid to let music have some real feeling sometimes I would highly recommend this gem of an album!

P.S. - Check out their website and read the about page for some history on the duo.

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The Weepies - Say I Am You