Kyoto podcast is coming back!

I am happy to see that the kyoto podcast homepage has been revamped and it looks as though there will be new episodes coming in '06! You can be sure to hear more about this here in the time to come.

From the website:

"Despite not having podcasted recently, I am alive! Thankyou for the emails from concerned listeners, it's very kind of you to think about my welfare.

Episode 19 was the last episode for 2005. Due to a large number of constraints coming together, both time and money, as well as returning to Australia, it simply hasn't been possible for me to continue.

That said, I am preparing to return to Japan in 2006 and acquire material for some more episodes. I have chosen the theme for the 2006 episodes, am presently researching it and hope to get some good content once 'on the ground'.
As is evident, I've totally revamped the website and I'll be adding thoughts/experiences here as podcast-relevant things occur."


Nice to have you back Tim!