They Might Be Giants - "John Henry"


I am a huge TMBG fan and have been so for a long long long time. The first album that I ever bought (and i dont mean just TMBG albums, I mean my first cd ever) was the album Flood and since then I've never gone back. They have released an amazing out of material over the years and I have yet to hear an album of theirs that was not amazing through and through. I thought that it would be good for me to take a moment to feature one of their older albums here. I have chosen the album that seemed in my mind to be a big crossing point for them. Before this album they had been known as a band with two members, John Linnell and John Flansburg, but with this album you notice a huge change in pace. There was now a full band backing the two John's. When I first heard the music on this record I heard it at a live show. The first of many times I have seen them live through the years, and I loved it. Looking back now I can see that they were obviously simply maturing as a band. Years later after watching their documentary called Gigantic I found that there was a huge amount of unrest with in the fans of TMBG because they were breaking away from their roots because they now had a backing band. In my mind John Henry is one of their best albums and probably my personal favorite. I see this as one of the best written albums by the band. They have always had this amazing ability to write these goofy little pop songs that hold this secret meaning buried beneath them. Often if you pay enough attention to some of their songs you will find an entirely different way to look at their music. I would suggest anyone who loves well written indie pop music pick up this classic as soon as possible.

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John Henry