Another one bites the dust


What on earth does that mean anyway? Anyone know the history behind that statement? So to the point of this post, as evoles so does the way I orginize it. Today I have merged the Music section in with this weblog. For one, I just have not has as much time to write reviews and the like as much as I did when I started that section of the site. I also figure I might as well just keep on simplifying things around here to reduce the amount of work it takes for me to keep the site updated for all of your prying eyes. As you can see, there is now a music category to the left here which is where you can single out review posts. Any new reviews or favorites will be posted here from now on.

So what else is new? Well, July turned out to be a really busy month for me. Lots of shows happening and so lots of work to do. In the past week I have worked shows (sound production) for Cat Power, Amy Mann, Dar Williams, and more. It's been pretty constant work and so here I am at 3am squeezing out a bit of a site update for everyone. I recently picked up my broken 50mm lense from the camera shop and thankfully the manual focus is working now but the auto focus has passed away so I will be paying a bit more attention to my focusing which is not always a bad thing. This also means that I have my favorite lense back and will be out and shooting more and so you guys can expect some new desktops soon.

So what else... hmmm, ah! The electronic duo I play in, A Drop In Silence has a couple of show lined up, one tomorrow night and one later on in the month up in NYC again! So that should be fun... well I think thats all for now. Im sure I will get right back on top of things here with the site soon so keep an eye out. I still have a great soundscape that I need to add to the podcast... all in due time readers, all in due time.

P.S - Somebody remind me to update my 'about' page sometime, thanks.