Of Arches, Needles, and Islands..

Here are some more photos so you guys can get your fix. Today I am starting my long winding journey back home and I will write more about this sometime soon. Don't forget to read down into the previous posts, there are a couple good stories down there...


photo 1

photo 10

photo 9
(there is a person down there in front of delicate arch to give it some perspective)

photo 11

photo 16

Canyonlands, Needles District...

photo 22

photo 23

photo 25

photo 28

photo 29

photo 31

photo 34
(morning from my car windows point of view just after waking up)

photo 35

photo 37

photo 38

photo 39

photo 26

photo 40

photo 41


photo 42

photo 46

photo 45

Canyonlands, Island In The Sky...

photo 49

photo 50
(why buy bags of ice for you cooler when there is all of this snow around?)

photo 53

photo 54

photo 55
(yes, these last couple here were taken at night... just wait for the desktop, its amazing...)

photo 59