my nano aka. peh jr.

as everyone most likely knows there has been a new ipod unleashed upon the world and i am here to tell you, it is amazing. i had the opportunity to pick one up this past weekend and it met and surpassed all expectations.


as i opened the as always slick packaging for the ipod i didnt even realize that the ipod was real sitting there mounted inside the fold of the box, at first glance i honestly thought it was a printed image of the ipod there and the actual device was further inside the box but i soon realized that that tiny little thing was actually the player! this thing is the perfect size for a portable audio player. its just big enough to fit comfortably in your hand but its still so unbelievably small that it makes for the perfect personal traveling companion. it tucks away anywhere you want it to go and its very easy to forget that its even there. is so hard to describe just how cool this little thing is. as light and thin as it it is it is hard to believe that its as sturdy as it is. it feels like you could snap it in half but having the solid stainless steel back on it makes it very solid.

(here is a pretty good size comparison.)

moving along here, lets talk about the display. it is smaller than past ipods, a good half an inch smaller but dont let this turn you off. i cant help but use the word amazing a lot in this review, and look out because here comes another. it amazes me how good this little display looks. its hard to believe this display that is so vibrant and colorful is set into a player this thin. it seems like some sort of illusion. this would be a good time to talk about the use of a nice little color screen on an ipod. i went from an older third gen ipod with a grey scale screen to this one and within two days of using the nano its strange to go back to my older player. i really like having the ability to see the album artwork on the ipod. it would be kind of cool if i could browse my music on the ipod by looking through the album covers and playing an album from there. the other thing i like about the color screen is being able to look at photos from the ipod. its a pretty nice function in my opinion. the album art is especially nice when i am listening to an enhanced podcast such as one of my favorites, kyoto podcast. the images change as you listen to the podcast and its handy to see what it is the podcast host is referring to as you listen to it. before my nano came along i had to be at my laptop to see the enhanced content. i have my nano set up to sync my last imported batch of photos with my nano photos which is a pretty handy way to check out my latest photos and share them on the go. it would be good to note that you can not offload photos directly from your camera to this verison of the ipod and i dont believe you can display the photos on a tv with this version but all in all its still a pretty useful and fun feature.

(the album art can also be displayed on its own by cycling through the menu as a file is playing using the main select button in the middle of the wheel.)

ive come up with a pretty handy idea for any international travelers out there that have a color ipod such as the nano. any important things you may need traveling such as a toilet, water, medicine, or other such necessities could easily be photographed and uploaded to the ipod along with the written word of the photo in both english and whatever language the country you are visiting may use saved as a jpg. then when you may need a hand getting over that language barrier you could simply search through your photos, find a picture of whatever you may need and show that to whomever you mihgt be asking for help. seems like a good idea to me anyways.

so lets see, what else could i cover here. i wanted to mention that, as i mentioned before, i do have an older third gen fifteen gig ipod and i still plan to use it. i see my nano as my player for my personal favorite albums of the moment as well as a place to store and listen to the various podcasts i enjoy. my older ipod will still act as a way to carry other favorites and music that i might need here and there while i am out an about that i dont necessarily listen to all of the time. i have somewhere in the range of a hundred gigs worth of music on an external drive and so i cant cary all of my music with me all of the time but my other ipod does act as a nice collection of some of my favorites. all in all the nano and my older ipod seems like a pretty good combo to me. i have always liked the ability to sync my phone numbers, calendar, notes/ directions on my ipod and the nano pulls off this function flawlessly. there are a couple of other little things thrown in like a screen lock function that i think is more cute than useful and a stop watch/ lap timer that saves your lap times for you joggers out there. all in all i really have nothing at all bad to say about this player. it seems like reviewers such as the ipodlounge have this really stupid tendency to try as hard as they possibly can to find something they dont like about every single product they review simply to give off the illusion that they are reporting the unbiased opinion. that said it seems like even these types of reviewers are having a really hard time finding things wrong with this player. its just that cool.

(the pocket the nano is in is the one that i used to store my headphones in. turns out that it makes for a nice place to store my older ipods younger brother.)

well i think i have mentioned everything i wanted to about this new toy of mine. i would highly recommend one of these amazing little players to anyone in the market for a new portable music player. there are also black versions of them which i have yet to see one in person but i hear they are pretty nice and also hear that they are outselling the white ones by a good amount.

do you have an ipod nano? have you seen one and want one? leave a comment to tell the world what you think of these fun little gadgets. heres one last photo to show another size comparison... man its cool.