nano this, nano that

so ive had my nano for a few weeks now and i love is just as much as i did when i got the thing. i have scratched it up a good bit but i dont mind scratches, just so i can see the screen well enough. ive been getting really used to the size of the ipod and its ability to slip into some sort of black hole in my pocket. black hole because it seems as though its not even there when i carry it around. i would highly recommend this player to anyone who wants music on the go. it is the best portable music solution i have seen to date for those of you who just want something small that wont ever get in the way.

from what i understand the 2 gig versions are having a rough time and understandably so. the 4 gig needs to be the 200 dollar model and the 2 should either not exist, or simply be cheeper. the shuffle would sell like hot cakes at 50-75 bucks a shot and im sure they could afford it. then the shuffle would really become a in pulse buy.

i bought some letter stickers to decorate my powerbook and found that the 'o' fits right over the enter button on my nano which is kind of fun and gives my finger a guide so i dont accedentally hit a button or jack the volume up accedentally. its kind of nice really, heres a photo.


oh and check out this slick wooden case for the nano, pretty tempting if you ask me.

thats all for now. im off to work!