External Combustion


Recently Schematic Records came out with some pretty big news kind of out of the blue and that was that they were going to release a bunch of records as download only releases via the mp3 download site bleep.com. Some of the records have been in the pipeline for quite some time and I was pretty excited to find that they would finally see the light of day. The first one that I purchased from the lot was a release that I have been waiting for a long long time to get my hands on and that is the Glen Velez remix album.

Scematic re-released an album by the well respected hand drummer Glen Velez called Internal Combustion a couple years back and I fell in love with it. It was an amazing release that held multiple parallels to the world of IDM and experimental music in general and it seemed like a logical step to take this and curate a remix album based on the release. It was well worth the wait!

Right off the bat I knew that I was in for a slew of good tracks with a wonderful remix by Atom (TM) which I have not really heard to much. It was a little on the short side but made for a great opener for the rest of the album. The second track which is a remix by Richard Devine seems like an extension of the first track and moves the album right along with his trademark tempo and rambling glitches that fill out the track. From what I heard he played a lot of the drums on the song and tried to keep the programming to a minimum on this one which was a pretty cool approach seeing as he is known for being such a good sound designer/ tweakaholic and it was a nice change of pace for him in my eyes.

Many of the remixes on this record seem to fit right into the aesthetic that Glen Velez laid down with the release that inspired these remixes which I think is pretty cool to see in a remix album. For the most part I think that the remixes tried to build onto what was originally achieved in the source material rather than just loop some samples from the original and create a new track. It really feels as though most of the tracks on here were really well thought out and I can really appreciate what the artists did with the songs.

The album really works well as a whole which is also nice to see in a remix album like this. You will find all sorts of totally different approaches to remixing the music on here. Chris clark offers a great remix that carries his trademark grittiness and makes for a really solid danceable track. Otto Von Schirach takes the sounds well away from the original and is one of the only tracks on here that really depart from the sound of the original. I do however feel that it fits right in with the other remixes. Its some of the tightest programming I have heard from him in a while.

So for any fans of any of the remixers, hand drumming, or music that takes you well away from the norm as Scematic releases always do so very well then head over to bleep.com and check out this great release.

Unlike iTunes, bleep lets you preview whole tracks which is very cool in my opinion and they offer web tools so blogs like this one can have little preview players right on the page soooooo here it is! (you can even alter the colors to match your color scheme!