well kids, im off to puerto rico!

i know that i have been fairly inactive here on the site the past few days and that is because i have been getting ready for a trip to puerto rico next week. this trip just kind of popped up out of no where and it is courtesy of electro voice so i wont be needing a bunch of money for the trip which will be very nice. im planning on taking plenty of photos and i have plans to try a couple of things with some recording stuff that i am bringing if i find somewhere interesting to record some sound. so i hope to be posting plenty of cool content in the coming week from my trip. hopefully i will find some decent internet access so i can make this happen i hope that this trip makes for a fun week here on twistedsun.net so stay tuned for more!

by the way, this travel site is very cool and is based around user reviews. lots of photos and videos that are formated for the new video ipod! very nice. heres a link.

p.s - heres the hotel...