Something is happening... (Christmas Giveaway)

Update2: OK I am closing the entries now and I am going to set up the drawing and get it underway. I should have a winner posted in an hour or so, thanks to everyone who entered!

Update: I will hold off the drawing until the last moment of christmas at the far most western point of the world. I will post again when I will be closing the entries. By the way, Happy Christmas, Joyeux NoŽl, vrolijke Kerstmis, frohe Weihnachten, メリークリスマス, 즐거운 성탄, Feliz Navidad, веселое рождество, 诞快乐, Buon Natale, God jul, Mutlu noeller... !


Something like a contest, like a chance to win big* here at It's nearly christmas and people all around the world celebrate the holiday in their own way and I have decided to celebrate the holidays by giving something away.

As most of you regulars here know, I love music and I love to share it with others almost as much as I enjoy listening to it myself. So, that said, here is the deal. I have decided to give a free iTunes gift certificate worth 10... no, im feeling generous, make that 20 US dollars. Im not sure how it works if I give one to someone outside of the states but I will make it work somehow. (I wish that, warpmart, or boomkat had gift certificates because I would like to give you an option but iTunes is simply the easiest way to go music wise. )

So at any rate, heres what you have to do to get in on the action. I was thinking of some way to make this fair and give everyone a chance so I am going to put the comment system to use. Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite desktop here on (I'm curious, what can I say). Just leave the name of your favorite as the comment and whatever holiday wishes you care to make to the world. Make sure your name is entered properly as well as your email (the email will not be seen by the public) I will take all of the names, put them in a hat (or something of the sort) and draw the winner. I will even make a video of the drawing and post it. The winner will be announced December 25th so check back here then to see who won!

Its that simple, so get to it!

*note that the term big is relative and the winings may or may not live up to the expectations found when you thing of something that is "big"

PS - I've decided to add another option to the prize, Now you can choose between the gift certificate or a print of your choice from those available on my store page. So if you win the drawing you now have that option as well... Hopefully enough people will enter to make for a nice fair drawing!