David Lanham's Amora


Along with the launch of the newest version of the IconFactory Website as I mentioned earlier in the week one of their resident designers David Lanham released a new series of icons and an accompanying theme that, from what I know, are over a year in the making. Seeing how much work must have gone into this got me thinking about the fact that he gives out this work at no cost to anyone interested, similar to the way most of the icon and desktop designers of the world do. Part of me wonders if the average web surfer on the look out for a new desktop or a new icon set understands the amount of work that goes into the artwork they are downloading. Bringing this back to the topic at hand, I find it amazing that David worked so long on this set only to unleash it out into the world for free. It's an amazing body of work if you consider that each icon is in essence it's own little work of art. It's one thing for me to post my photography for everyone here but I have to hand it to David for his love of his art and his willingness to share it with the world in the way he does. Especially after spending who knows how many countles hours on the work so my hats of to you David.

For those of you not familiar with his work then take some time to browse through his site and check out some of his illustrations.