Akufen "My Way"


At it's heart this is a house album through and through with it's straightforward 4/4 time measures but it goes much deeper than that. I am not really all that into straight up dance music plagued by that wretched 4/4 thud that defines the genera but this is one of those albums that sneaks under my radar of annoying dance music and had landed, somehow or another, in a pretty distinct place in my mind. I hold this as one of the best electronic albums that has come out in long while. As I looked more into its origins I came up pretty dry. I can't even find a good place to recommend you pick it up at to check it out which leads me to believe that it is an album that only received a small run. Sometimes when you get into these obscure independent releases you find that some of these releases are hard to come by.

This record is solid all the way through. From what I understand with this project the artist would listen to FM radio and pull samples in the morning and then use the rest of his day constructing tracks from his favorite bits. It's great production work and well balanced mix make for a wonderful sound and it's irresistible to want to dance to this stuff.

So head out to your local shop or dig around online because it will be very worth your while to pick this up!