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I got my hands on the newest album / ep from the now infamous Prefuse 73 and I thought I would hop onto the review blog here and let it be know what Scott has been up to recently. It's nice to see that he seems to be taking a turn away from his hip-hop collaboration phase and moving slowly back into the somewhat inventive, explorative side of his musical abilities.

I remember how much I loved his first record on warp and how fresh it seemed at the time. Nuno was the greatest thing of the moment and I had high hopes for the future of this newly discovered musician. I saw him live down in his hometown of atlanta and remember being somewhat disappointed by his performance but I bought an advance copy of the cd that night anyway and it was in the player for at least half of the 6 hours back to Greensboro. (I also saw Autechre, Tortoise, Nobukazu Takemura, and Mr. Lif that night. All of which put on a better show). He did redeem himself the next time I caught him over in Chapel Hill when he put on a great show that proved to be one of the more energetic electronic music shows that I had seen.

So, getting back on track here, lets talk about the new ep. Thankfully the only collaborations on this album was a mix when Fourtet steps up and helps add a bit of depth to the classic Prefuse formula and a track with someone from TV on the Radio which also works pretty well. With some of the tracks on this release it would seem as though he is moving away from the expectation that his music should be labeled as HIp-Hop and he throws in some more feeling into the mix. It's as though his work under t he Savath and Savalas name is finally melting into the Prefuse pot and making some mighty fine smelling stew.

If you are a fan of his past work I would defiantly check out this release, I can only hope that he does not decide to give the 'I wanna be a Hip-Hop producer' thing another try because the result when he tried that left me scared and wondering if he would ever redeem himself in my mind.

Heres to a hopeful future for Mr. Scott Herren.

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