Machine Drum - "Half The Battle" and "Bidnezz


I'm not sure just how big Machine Drum's fan base is, sometimes it seems pretty vast but other times it seems like no one has heard of him. I thought I would take a minute here and reccomend my favorite albums of his.

Bidnezz is an album that is pushed as a hip-hip record as far as I have seen but I have seen it more as an IDM album personally. It really shows his progression as a musician. He has the ability to take such simple ideas and make them really polished and tight. This is by far his more minimal record under this name, his pas efforts were much more hip-hopy than this. I just love this record for its diversity and the fact that he has started to really take on his own character with this release which is very cool. I have heard some of his newest work and you should look out for that because its just amazing. He has an album coming out on Sublight soon which I am really looking forward to. So for a great all dancing/ all minimal hip-hopDM then look no further than Machine drums, Bidnezz.

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