Pearl EP

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Ghostly International, as part of a monthly series, has released this EP by Cepia called Peal EP. I find that I prefer a solid EP over a full album at times and this is no exception. In my mind an album has the tendency to drag along sometimes and it feels as though artists sometimes stick a lot of filler in albums to round them out just for the sake of having a full albums worth of songs. Don't get me wrong here I love a good full length as much as the next guy but recently I have really liked having these little mini albums around. It always seems like they are just the right length. OK, I think I've rambled on long enough about that...

The Pearl EP is the best that I have heard out of this artist yet, its full of some really tightly produced IDM that I can't get enough of recently. I have really been into this minimal clean electronic music as of late. Well, there are the times that I prefer something a bit more lively but for whatever reason I never get around to reviewing them here. It's always hard to pinpoint a good way to describe electronic music releases without getting into mindless comparisons to other artists and name dropping every trendy sub genera that has popped up recently. This album at times feels like a more organic sounding Autechre if you could imagine such a thing. It has enough of a rhythm in the beat so you wont get lost in the sounds which is good for those looking for something danceable.

So thats all on this album. Hopefully I didnt ramble on to much. Please leave a comment should you feel compelled to do so. Your feedback it what helps fuel the future of this site. In the mean time check out this EP! It is only available through a digital download so check it out! If you are a Ghostly fan then don't let this one pass you by.

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Cepia - Pearl EP