itunes videos

many of you may have heard already that apple has sold over one million videos in their new video store. this got me thinking about the concept as a whole. while i think we are a long way off from seeing feature films in the store i think that selling tv shows is a brilliant approach to the whole idea. it just makes so much more sense than selling movies. i for one feel as though i would not want to sit there and watch a whole movie on any screen smaller than my laptop screen. i do however see the appeal of having a portable video device and i think tv shows are nice because they are easy to sit down and watch in one sitting on a smaller screen.

so that said i thought i would take a minute to bring up an idea that most other people seemed to have passed over in their discussions of the new ipod and the sale of tv shows on itunes. what kind of age demographic should they focus on with the type of tv shows available. i know that they have that one disney show on there and the pixar shorts but im wondering how many kids there will be running around with ipods with video playback watching their favorite shows on the school bus. i know that the ipod is quite the living accessory at the moment and im sure a fair share of younger kids have one in there pocket. is there going to be a market for this or will tv shows and content be steered towards adults exclusively?

im curious to see how the music store pans out as a whole and that includes the videos and the music. with the upcoming contract renewal in the coming year with the big record labels only time will tell what happens next year. all i know is that its going to be an important year for apple seeing as they are planing their big intel switch on top of all of these other new happenings...