sound studio


i have been using an app called felt tip sound studio for a couple of years now as a basic audio editor and of all of the other basic audio recording/editing software i have come across this has been by far the most stable piece of software available that i have used. i record hours of audio at a time when i record live music at shows with my powerbook and this program handles this task without hesitation. hell, i will be running abelton live and reason at the same time during live shows that i play with a friend of mine (a drop in silence) and i will have sound studio set up and recording our live set while im performing live using this high end software and it still performs flawlessly.

so i mention this because today the newest version of this app has been released (finally!) and i was somewhat surprised to see that freeverse software is the distributor with this release. i was equally surprised to see that this new version costs $80! it may be stable and a nice bit of solid software but ouch. i cant seem to find a demo version to try out either so it looks like i have a bit of a decision to make with this purchase. i think there is a discount for upgrading, ill have to see.

so anyone out there in the need of a really solid piece of software to record and edit audio then look no further than sound studio. heres a link.

oh, and whats with that terrible logo??