So I heard a Hi-Fi...

On a recent trip to an apple store I had the chance to hear an Apple Hi-Fi and I now think that everyone is crazy that said that the Hi-Fi is a big speaker system. I thought it was relatively small. Not to much bigger than any other ipod stereo of that size and much much smaller than most small stereo systems. I could see there being more overall functionality to the device like rca inputs or video outs of some sort as well as a built in airport option for streaming music! why didn't they add that anyways?

So the most important thing really is the sound which I thought was good but not great. I thought that adding the treble boost in the EQ settings helped the overall sound quite a bit. The overall sound is on par with other systems on that high end level. I found that a lot of people complained that there was not a lot of high end response but I would beg to differ, although its not super crisp I found it more than adequate. One thing that i thought pretty drastically improved the hi end of things was to remove the front grill from the speakers which let it shine! The fabric they used was a bit to thick I suppose.

So what I think about the pricing. I think they aimed a big high on the price but I also think that they wanted to enter the market on that end. This way the other speaker makers couldnt complain to much because they still probably sell tons of systems to the people who don't want to shell out $350. It is a really solid feeling device though and I think worth the money if you are in the market for a new stereo and you have an ipod already.

Well at least thats my two cents anyways!