Well well well

I have been traveling a lot recently and when I haven't been traveling I have been working so its been hard to get regular updates posted and I'm sorry about that. I miss posting all of the time and hope to get back into it in the near future! I am very very excited to hear that a new edition of Rapidweaver is coming out July 2nd which should allow me to make a few changes around here that I have wanted to do for a while now. It's a great piece of software that used CSS and so it makes it easy to keep the site organized and running smoothly. Seems like a silly consumer program but it actually can get pretty deep should you be willing to dig. Other sites I design I usually use Dreamweaver for because it offers a bit more flexibility but with this site simplicity is key, this way I can focus on updated rather than coding you know what I mean? I know I've mentioned this before.. I think.

So thats all for now. there is a quick new favorite up in the music section so check it out. I hope to throw a few more of those up soon and hey, who knows. Maybe a desktop or two. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for sticking with me through this period of less frequent posting! Talk to you again soon.