Here is a review of an album (meathole by venetian snares) that I wrote for the college radio station that i dj at:

for those of you who may not be familiar with venetian snares he is one of the leaders in break-core electronic music today. he has released album after album of crazy cut up breakcore which in essence can be compared to drum & bass only its a lot more fun. think squarepusher thrown into a blender. many times his albums have some sort of coherent theme or sound to them but all hold a similar aesthetic which is his mastery of the break beat and pushing that sound to its limits. in one of my favorite albums of his he took music from some hungarian (i think) symphonies and transformed it to one of his best and most memorable records. his use of samples and strange but interesting themes is what generally sets his music in a place of its own. (i find that a lot of people who are into metal like his music)

be prepared for a really fast paced intense sound that will add a moment of something wonderfully different to your show. 

i would suggest tracks: 
1 (classic vs) 
4 (a bit more tame with actual drum samples and some other great orchestral stuff thrown in the distance) 
5 (for fans of squarepusher and just a touch of afx, note: kind of has a little fake ending but kicks back in)
6 (more classic vs, trying to be dramatic with big ambient breakdowns and ending with a smattering of acoustic guitar)
8 (brilliant track imho but on the long side at 9min)

link to album on itunes: