Cylob - "Cylobotnia"

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Man did this album pop up out of no where. While browsing a local used cd store full of just about everything but electronic music I came across this little gem of an album. I have heard cylob in the past but not like this. The only music I have heard from him was a couple of songs that were brilliant pop/electro songs with computer voices singing lyrics to the songs. This time around he still brings a healthy dose of electro to the table but really mixes it all up with his apparently self programmed instruments and bits of inspiration from all over the electronic music spectrum. There are all sorts of off key wobbly melodies and a wide variety of beat crafting. If you come across this album at any point don't miss the chance to pick it up.

The label it was released on is called Rephlex records which is run by Richard James aka. Aphex Twin and they don't appear to have much in the way of digital released I could like you to but check out their site to get more info.