A nice cool desktop


Yes, literally cool. If you read back in the weblog you will find a post about someone in Japan with a personal site that linked to twistedsun.net. I had discovered this through my web stats and as I looked through his website I found some really great photos. Thanks to google translator I sent him an email asking for permission to use one of his photos as a desktop in the friends area of this site and he understood the translation enough to give me permission to use the photo as well as a description for the post!

I am happy to post this beautiful shot of fresh snow from Tokyo. The photo makes me feel nice and cool and I love the contrast and lighting in this shot. ありがとう Kazuma!

I would also like to take a second here and thank everyone who has submitted desktops for my friends section! The recent Support of this section has been wonderful and I look forward to seeing it grow in the future! I have had the opportunity to post some great photography from all around the world so to the friends of twistedsun.net, Thank You!