Beans "Down By Law EP"


So far I have yet to mention any hip-hop favorites here and today thats going to change. I like a lot of hip-hop music but I can be pretty picky about it. I like it when it's actually a departure from the bling bling, bust a cap style of a lot of mainstream and hell even the majority of indie hip-hop that i come across. I like creative production and well written lyrics. To me this whole Kanye West craze and praise is not my thing. It's cute and all that he got Jon Brion to hop on and help with the production work but when it comes down to it thats all it feels like to me, a gimmick. (not that I don't love some of Jon's work) I really like it when a story is told in a hip-hop song. Right so anyways, I've decided to feature an artist that I've loved since way back when he was still part of the classic indie hip-hop outfit The Anti Pop Consortium. There is no one else out there with his characteristic swing that lies in all of his flows. His solo work has taken a very minimal yet damn funky approach and could be seen as weak and under developed but I feel as though its really amazing how it breaks the music down to its core. I will most likely be featuring more of his albums in the future because he is really amazing to me. This little ep that I am featuring is a newer set of songs and is a pretty simple intro to his style so check it out if you want to hear something new.

Heres a link to the ep in iTunes:
Down By Law - EP