revenge of the little red plumber


since when are video games so bad ass? at what point they they stop being original and fun and start focusing on these boring concepts? i just dont get it. i was in a game store today to grab a new gameboy micro and i overheard a guy talking to his girlfriend about this game being for little kids or that game being for _____ies. so what is the deal? these new games are sooo easy! im not seeing much skill in running around stealing cars and shooting people. i could see the entertainment value of this for oh 5 minutes or so but where is the challenge? its funny to me that video games used to be for dorks, nerds and other such non threatening forms of the human species. it has slowly transformed into this industry full of people looking for nothing more than to blow stuff up, kill things, and well, kill things. its really dumbed down a good bit in a way.

this is why i dont like these new systems as much, especially the x-box. there just is not that wide of a range of games available for it. it seems like the idea of being a harcore gamer has transformed from one who is really into games and playes them all the time to one who is into these bad ass killing games. i dunno. maybe im just looking at it from the wrong point of view. this is the whole reason i like nintendo so much. there games are actually pretty fun. i am really getting into these games that are made for multiple players at once. i am really excited about the new revolution console that nintendo is putting out. i cant wait to mess around with the new motion sensitive controller they are using with it!

so anyway just thought i would comment on the state of gaming today. i just hope that the xbox/ rockstar overlords dont end up destroying gaming as i once knew it...